Thank you for taking an interest in being a Helperbot. By filling in the form below we'll get an idea of the activities you'd like to be involved in as a Helperbot, from playtesting our new (and secret!) prototypes, to joining us at shows or representing the Tinkerbots at shows we cannot attend.

For taking part in Helperbot activities you will receive rewards in gratitude for your help. These will vary and will be discussed with you ahead of the activity in question but will be along the lines of discount codes for future titles, alternative artwork promos and more.

Thank you for joining the Helperbot Network! We look forward to working with you :)
* indicates required
We'll need to know where you are in case there is a local convention we'll invite you to join us at!
Do you have a preferred genre of game? For example, deck builders or worker placement.
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